Introduction to the group

Hebei Tianzhu Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., located in FengrunDistrict, Tangshan, was established in 2003 with registered capital of 811.88million Yuan, fixed assets of 8.5 billion Yuan and employees nearly 5400. It isthe official membership unit of China Iron and SteelIndustry Association and Hebei Provincial Metallurgy Association as well asthe member of China Green Development Union. The company regards iron and steelas main industry; meanwhile, it controls the share or participates into shareof Beijing Tianzhu Iron and Steel Group Logistics Co., Ltd., Hebei Tianzhu Ironand Steel Group Guyu Coal Coke Chemical Co., Ltd., Hebei Tianzhu Iron and SteelGroup Regenerated Material Recycling Co., Ltd., Beijing Tianzhu GangfuInternational Trade Co., Ltd., Tangshan Agricultural and Commercial Bank,Tangshan Iron and Steel Valley Co., Ltd., Tangshan Baochun E-commerce Co., Ltd.and other enterprises to realize diverse development integrating iron andsteel, logistics, coke, resource regeneration, trade, informationization,finance and investment together.

In 2018, the comprehensive strength of the company ranks the 377among Top 500 manufacturing industries in China,28th among the Top 100 privateenterprises in Hebei Province and the 20th among Top 100 manufacturingindustries of private enterprises in Hebei Province.

Tianzhu Iron and Steel shall comprehensively carry out the “19thCPC National Congress” and deeply implement Xi Jinping’s thought of Socialismwith Chinese characteristics in the new era. It shall create domestic topadvanced iron and steel manufacturing industry ecological smart parkintegrating “high-end, chain-oriented, intelligent, greening andbrand-oriented” production and manufacturing service together based oncoordinated industrial agglomeration and value chain extension high qualitydevelopment requirement according to “five-in-all” overall layout and“four-comprehensive” strategic layout with “Internet+” integrated developmentas lead.

Tel.:+86-0315-3319309 8733518    Address: East to Village Yinguantun, Fengrun District,Tangshan City, Hebei Province   Fax:+86-0315-8733866       Email:[email protected]
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